Featured Listings on Zillow

RE/MAX of New Jersey is excited to announce our ongoing partnership with Zillow! Throughout 2016, RE/MAX of New Jersey listings that are syndicated to Zillow will be featured automatically.

Zillow - Featured Listings

RE/MAX of New Jersey listings will be featured on Zillow for the first 30 days that they are on the market. This is a great way to highlight your listing to potential buyers as soon as you list the property. When your listing is featured on Zillow it will be displayed above other (non-featured) properties in the search results. More importantly, it means that other agents won't appear on your listing. When a potential buyer finds your property on Zillow, they will only see your contact information on the listing.

You will be the only agent that appears on your Zillow listings for the first 30 days of your listing!

Frequently Asked Questions

"Where do Zillow leads go?"

"What happens to my Zillow listing after the 30 days?"

Please contact the Help Desk with any questions.