Search 3

Search 3 is coming to RE/MAX of New Jersey in July 2016. A huge leap ahead of our current search, Search 3 provides a modern, user-friendly search experience. Best of all, Search 3 will be available on, as well as on all of our Office, Team, and Agent websites!

A Leap Ahead

In addition to solving some of the limitations of our old search (no more zooming in to get search results!), Search 3 boasts cleaner, more modern design, as well as some updated search functionality. Rather than having to switch between the map and a listing page, then back to load the map, then back to the listing page, etc. etc. etc., Search 3 displays listing information in a window on the search results page itself. This means less loading and users are able to access listing info much faster.

Responsive Design

It's no secret that users are searching using mobile devices, in some cases more than they're searching on their desktop. This makes it incredibly important to give those users an awesome mobile experience. Search 3 provides a responsive design across all devices. This means that you'll have the same great search experience no matter what device you're using to search- desktop, tablet, or phone.

Responsive Design - Search 3 on Desktop & iPhone 5 Plus

Search The Way You Want

Search 3 introduces the ability for users to choose the way they view search results. The default option is a map with a sidebar of listings, allowing users to easily click between the map and their search results. Would you rather search using a fullscreen map with listing icons? Or maybe you prefer seeing a gallery of photos. Any of these options are available and you can easily switch your view with a single click.

Searchers can quickly switch between views - Full Map View, Gallery View, or Hybrid View (Map with sidebar gallery)

Easy to Use Search Filters & New Pen Tool

As before, the user has access to a number of search filters to narrow their search down to the perfect home. Search 3 displays these filters in cleaner, easier to use dropdown boxes. The most important filters are now front and center, and easier to access.

Users are also able to draw their own complex boundaries using the pen tool. This means that a search can be limited to a small area or street. Best of all, the boundaries that you or the user draws can be included as part of your saved search.

Search filters & the pen tool - The easy to find and simple to use search filters make finding a home easier than ever

Frequently Asked Questions

"How do I get the new search?"

Search 3 will automatically replace the search you have today on the day it launches. The only thing you'll want to do, if you haven't done so already, is update to one of our modern, responsive website designs. Download our training guide to learn more!

"I've created a lot of saved search pages on my website. Do I have to recreate them with the new search?"

All data from the previous search is being carried over to Search 3. You won't have to redo anything!

"How can I get more traffic to my website so they'll use my new search?"

Your agent website allows you to connect custom domains (think or You can use that domain on your business cards, your email signature, etc. Consider running Facebook Ads, building landing pages for your local neighborhoods, or creating saved searches for your clients that will send them back to your new search when they click on the email. There are tons of ways to drive traffic to your site! Get creative!

Please contact the Help Desk with any questions.