The RE/MAX Balloon

Your regional office has provided you with a tremendous resource. Liberty Balloon Co, the RE/MAX of New Jersey hot air balloon operator, is a full service balloon company. They not only fly hot air balloons, but also specicalize in adapting ballooning to business and promotional purposes!

Balloon Rides

Starting at $250 per person
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Several different packages are available for one to four people.

Flights are scheduled just after sunrise, or in the hours before sunset. This is the time when the winds are calmest and most stable.

Flight safety requires not only nice weather, but also calm winds. If the wind or weather are not suitable for your scheduled flight it will be rescheduled. This is a normal part of ballooning and may even happen multiple times. A safe, beautiful flight is worth the wait!

School Programs

$1000 (RE/MAX of New Jersey subsidizes half)
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Liberty Balloon Company specializes in presenting assembly programs to schoolchildren of all ages on the topic of hot air ballooning.

The balloon pilot will present a 30-minute presentation about the science, history, and operations of a hot air balloon. Then, weather permitting, they will inflate the balloon for the students so they can see a balloon in action up close and personal. If the weather is bad, there is an alternate indoor presentation that is just as exciting.

Please have approval from the school before you request a school program.

Balloon Tethers

Request a Balloon Tether

"Tether" refers to the ropes used to hold the balloon in place. A balloon tether is a great way to utilize your RE/MAX hot air balloon to create a high-impact marketing presence at community events!

Requirements For A Tether:

SPACE - 200 square feet, preferably grass, free of obstacles such as trees or power lines

WEATHER - No precipitation or possibility of precipitation developing during the tether

WIND - Less than 8 mph to inflate. Less than 4 mph to give tethered rides

TIME OF DAY - Aim for the first two hours of daylight or the hours preceding sunset for best chances of light winds

CREW - 4 able-bodied people are needed to handle the balloon and organize passengers and spectators

*If your event qualifies as a Regional Event, RE/MAX of New Jersey will count it as one of the 40 contracted events that we pay for each year

Regional Events

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RE/MAX of New Jersey contracts 40 events per year with Liberty Balloon Company. If your event has over 1,000 people in attendance and is of Regional significance, RE/MAX of New Jersey will pay for the event.

Regional Events are scheduled based on approval of the Regional Office and availability of the balloon. RE/MAX offices are entitled to only ONE Regional Event per year, per franchise office.

RE/MAX of New Jersey also has a cold air balloon available in the event that a hot air balloon inflation is not possible. Please contact the Regional Office for more information.

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